L&T understands that the status of healthcare is one of the critical measures of a nation’s performance. The Company’s priority is to identify and analyse the possible barriers in accessing healthcare, provide affordable healthcare services and make modern equipment and treatment available to all. It focuses on creating awareness and imparting health education in communities so as to reduce expenses for patients as well as the burden on the country’s limited healthcare system. L&T pays special attention to the health needs of vulnerable groups – such as children, women, disabled and the aged – and makes mental health services accessible.

Approximately 6,90,321  individuals were directly provided better access to affordable and quality healthcare facilities in 2021-22

In L&T’s 12 fully-operational community Health Centres in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, a team of around 90 well-qualified medical and rehabilitation consultants and professionally staffed, well-equipped multi-speciality centres provide tertiary healthcare services – such as family planning surgeries, day-care general surgeries, endoscopy, dental procedures, eye check-ups, mother and child healthcare, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, infertility treatment, hearing and speech services and a skin clinic focusing on leprosy treatment and communicable diseases. Psychiatric OPDs, family counselling and a Child Guidance Clinic help address mental health and other stress-related issues.

L&T’s Health and Kidney Dialysis Centre for the underprivileged in six cities (Mumbai, Thane, Titwala, Vadodara, Surat and Chennai) provide haemodialysis procedures free of cost or at heavily subsidised rates depending on the patient’s financial background. Being a day-care facility, all services are provided between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The dialysis centres performed as many as 21579 haemodialysis procedures in 2021-22.

L&T takes healthcare services deep into urban slums, rural and tribal areas through its 10 mobile clinics. Medical check-up camps are periodically held in schools and the surrounding communities for those families who can’t otherwise afford or access healthcare.


ART Centre at Andheri in Mumbai conducts awareness camps and provides diagnostic, medical and counselling services in association with National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) through its comprehensive programme on HIV/AIDS management. Early detection of HIV infection in pregnant women and putting them on ART is an important intervention that help avert mother-to-child infection. At L&T’s ART Centre, over 1,281 people received treatment for HIV/AIDS in 2021-22. Apart from medical treatment, they benefitted from counselling sessions and were made aware of the various Government schemes/programmes available for them.

L&T runs an exclusive and comprehensive TB clinic since 2005,in Koldongri, a suburb of Mumbai, in partnership with MCGM, where individualised OPD treatment, check-ups, diagnostics along with gene expert testing, medicines and nutrition support, home visits and counselling are offered to those in need. L&T now provides equipment such as X-ray machines to the Centre, enlists services of trained chest physicians and counsellors, tests TB patients for HIV-AIDs and provides integrated counselling and ART. At L&T’s TB clinic, over 2973 patients were treated in the year 2021-22.

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