L&T Covid Care

Dealing with COVID-19 has added to the many challenges and pressures that the underprivileged communities have to face every day. It has also pushed many people back into poverty. In such difficult times, L&T took the lead to address key issues – such as setting up ICUs to treat COVID-19 patients, equipping Government hospitals with ventilators, providing PPE kits, gloves and masks to healthcare workers and making food and basic provisions available to those in need. L&T’s CSR team actively got involved and assumed responsibility for educating communities about COVID-19 prevention and safety measures in the project areas and provided counselling and referrals wherever required.

L&T spent over ₹ 36 crore in COVID Care across 12 states in India in 2020-21

Delivering essentials to the most impacted

The pandemic and the sudden lockdown resulted in the loss of employment for thousands of people in the country. It was especially harsh for daily wagers and their families, who were left with no money or basic essentials, forcing them to struggle day to day. As a first response to the unfolding crisis, L&T initiated efforts to ensure supply of food and essentials for children belonging to daily wagers and other vulnerable families across Powai and Turbhe in Mumbai.


Addressing hunger

The first phase of the lockdown in March 2020 was followed by multiple reports of daily wagers and migrant workers lacking access to food supplies and/or shelter. Though Mumbai’s administration had responded by setting up relief camps and food canteens, the number of people affected was overwhelming and the risk of many slipping through the cracks was imminent.


Caring for the caregivers

In Chennai, L&T responded to the crisis by serving hygienically prepared food to frontline healthcare workers. Though these workers and hospital staff put in efforts to ensure care for their patients, many of them did not have access to essentials, especially food.


Supporting the healthcare system

The Government’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and treat the infected during the peak of the pandemic fell short due to limited and overburdened resources. L&T responded by supporting the healthcare infrastructure and providing preventive gear and medical supplies for frontline health workers.

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