Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

People are central to L&T’s activities, achievements and the value it delivers to its stakeholders. The zeal, dedication and expertise of its people powers L&T’s growth and prospects.

We are a meritocracy and strive for diversity in nationality, caste, age, physical ability and religion; and believe in equal career opportunities for all. The male to female remuneration ratio is at 1:1.

With over 55% of the workforce below the age of 30, L&T is a young engineering conglomerate. We stimulate and leverage this young intellectual capital by offering a healthy mix of opportunity, responsibility, growth and purpose. Our integrated talent management framework is established on a robust model that enhances employee capabilities and nurtures both professional and behavioral competencies. Our work culture empowers individuals with the freedom to think beyond the conventional, innovate out of the box and raise performance levels.


We believe in gender equality and aim to increase the number of women in our workforce. The Company employs a large number of differently-abled individuals. We initiated a programme called ‘Renew’, a platform that enables women professionals to re-enter the corporate world after a career break. Any woman on a career break is eligible, and those applying will be evaluated as per the current employment criterion.


Employee Development

Training and skill development are the pillars which uphold L&T’s capacity-building agenda. We impart training in new skills in emerging fields to employees. We offer several training modules for employee development and skill building to meet various facets of the organization’s growth and performance.


Leadership Development

L&T’s Leadership Development Academy (LDA) at Lonavala is recognised as a unique corporate university in India, collaborating with the world’s most reputed institutions to provide global exposure.


Human Rights & Labour Practices

L&T is committed to operate in a manner consistent with the United Nations (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 10 UN Global Compact (UNGC) principles and the applicable International Labour Organisation (ILO) Core Conventions on Labour Standards.

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