Celebrating International Women’s Day, in India’s heartland

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15 March 2021

International Women’s Day celebrations at our Integrated Community Development project locations in Pathardi (Ahmednagar), Devgaon (Aurangabad) and Nagzari (Jalna) were a little different from typical big-city celebrations, but no less impactful.

Here’s a glimpse from these corners, where our CSR department partners with Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) in the development of these drought-prone regions.

At Dongarwadi village, Samyukta Mahila Samitee (the Village Self-Help Group’s Women’s Federation) members gathered and discussed women’s participation in village development activities, sanitation and income generation activities through micro-credit programmes. Around 25 women participated.

The next day, on 9th March, at Damalwadi, women members of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and Samyukta Mahila Samitees came together to celebrate International Women’s Day. The Programme started by paying tribute to Smt. Savitribai Phule, first woman teacher, social reformer, educationalist and women’s right’s activist.

8th March was celebrated at Dhangar pipmpari and Alamgaon village of Nagzari cluster in the Jalna district of Maharashtra. Members of SHGs, Anganwadi Teachers and other village women came together for an awareness session on the importance of education, health, women’s engagement in income generation activities and participation in agriculture-related activities. Around 20 women participated.

On 8th March, women members of Self-Help Groups from village Devgaon, Brahmangaon and Antaralvai Khandi from Devgaon cluster of Aurangabad district came together to celebrate. And learn about the problems and challenges faced by women, the importance of women’s education and active participation of all women members in the self-help group, income generation activities through the microcredit programme, the responsibility of attending village level meetings etc.  Women from Devgaon also celebrated by cutting a cake.  A total of 32 women from Devgaon, 11 women from Brahmangaon and 7 from Antaralwalikhandi participated.

L&T, along with its partner NGO Arpan Seva Sansthan, organised a week-long celebration at Bhim in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. The event honoured women community leaders and Self-Help Group (SHG) members who not only turned their village into a demonstration site for participatory rural development, but also changed the age old cultural and gender norms and behaviours. Community women and their family members participated in all the events with incredible passion and energy and commemorated the struggles, challenges in the beginning of the project and the resultant success today. 



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