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26 August 2019

L&T CSR enhances infrastructure at 12 Government Schools in Coimbatore

With Education as one of the key focus areas of L&T’s CSR efforts, L&T has several year-long initiatives at multiple locations across India to enhance the quality of education at Government run schools.

The School Adoption Project (SAP) to facilitate holistic development of Government schools in Coimbatore, is a one such initiative.  Under this initiative, we recently helped create sanitation facilities such as newly constructed washrooms, hand wash arrangements and provision for potable drinking water at 8 Government Schools, (Asokapuram, Vellalore, Pichanur, Chettipalayam, Arivolinagar, Kumittipathi, Kurumbapalayam & Anaikatti),  set up Mini-Science Centres at 4 schools (Malumichampatti, Pichanur, Vellalore & Anaikatti), constructed a compound wall at one school, renovated classrooms in 4 schools (Asokapuram,Vellalapalayam, Myleripalayam & Anaikatti), and renovated the Science Lab in a Tribal Residential School at Anaikatti.

In addition, we have entered into an Agreement with the Tamil Nadu State Education Department to establish Water & Sanitation Facilities in 4 more Government Schools in Coimbatore, during the current financial year.

L&T’s School Adoption Project aims to complement the efforts of the State Education Department by strengthening primary and secondary facilities at Government schools. These changes not only benefit children studying at these schools, but have also enhanced attendance levels.    

Since 2014, we have also been implementing the WATSAN (Water & Sanitation) Project in Government run schools. This project undertakes construction/refurbishment of washrooms, hand wash facilities, water sumps, installation of water purifiers as well as provision of dustbins with stands and the conduction of health education programmes. So far, 21 Government schools in Coimbatore have been covered under L&T’s WATSAN project.

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