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04 February 2019

Among the several education related initiatives undertaken by L&T's CSR Department, one of the most exciting is Engineering Futures Challenge - a part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education initiative among 6th, 7th and 8th standard students studying in selected government schools, including rural and tribal schools, located around various L&T campuses and project sites across the country. The idea behind the challenge is to create a set of innovative, engaging models that can act as a force multiplier, by providing teachers with tools to help them understand and explain concepts that students find difficult to comprehend more effectively. And who best to simplify Science and Math concepts than the country's finest engineers – L&T-ites?

What is Engineering Futures?

Under STEM, the pedagogy to teach Science and Math is through live models and digital content. This approach helps students understand STEM concepts in a simpler and practical manner, and thereby link it with day-to-day life and solve real life problems.

L&T-ites participated in a contest titled Engineering Futures – they formed teams of up to 3 fellow L&T-ites and came up with innovative solutions (in the form of educative hands-on models) to one or more of the challenges pre-selected by the CSR team after consulting with NGOs working with government schools. Their solutions will help students from these schools understand and get a stronger foundation in STEM concepts. The top three entries will be selected by experts from Education, Technology and Pedagogy backgrounds and produced at scale by L&T to be distributed across these schools.

Number of Entries we received: 28 from 8 L&T locations across India
Number of Schools that will benefit from the initiative: Over 500

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