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17 June 2019

Rebuilding Anganwadis (Nandghars) in Village Chondha, District Navsari, Gujarat

A few months ago, L&T Group Chairman Mr A.M. Naik, was approached by “Riddhi Siddhi Adarsh Gram Vikas Mandal-Village Chondha”, Taluka Vansada, District Navsari, Gujarat for support in making their village an ‘Adarsh Village’. During focussed Group Discussions with the community members one of the key needs that emerged was for repairing of four anganwadis in the village and setting up of Science and Computer Labs in the local high school.

Under the direction of Mr. Naik, field visits were conducted by the L&T CSR Team along with the village representatives and partner NGO BISLD (BAIF Institution for Sustainable Livelihood Development).

 Three anganwadis in the village were in dilapidated condition and one anganwadi set up in a private property was not accessible to a section of the community. All four anganwadis were very congested and dark, with leaking roofs. There were no separate areas for kitchens, and no boundary walls for safety of the children. Two out of four anganwadis had no water connections, nearby bore well needed to be recharged for consistent water availability. There was not enough creative teaching and learning material for the children. Overall, the anganwadis did not provide a conducive environment for the children and teachers to learn and teach.

After the meeting with community members, L&T decided to support the construction of the anganwadis and the school labs through its CSR funding with implementation assistance from BISLD.

An architect and structural engineer from L&T designed the anganwadis, incorporating an open and pleasant space conducive to a better learning environment. The project included repairing of leaking roofs and walls, widening the windows for natural light, a separate space for kitchens and child-friendly toilets, and reconstructing verandas with boundary walls for a safe play environment.

In addition to the construction, L&T designed the interiors and art work to make use of the building as a learning aid for children with pictures of alphabets, fruits, animals and flowers painted on the walls as well as floors as playing media.

L&T also created the infrastructure of the Science and Computer Labs for the Dr. Manibhai Desai Navchetan Madhyamik Shala benefitting 398 high school students in the area.

The monitoring of the work was done by the engineers, architects and development professionals from L&T and BISLD to create ideal Nandghars, benefitting 200 children in the age group of 0-6 years in Chondha Village.   

Thursday, 6th June 2019, saw the formal handover and inauguration of the facilities - old anganwadis reborn in their new form with the community’s resolve and L&T’s support. An initiative that will go a long way in providing a conducive environment for healthy growth and development of the citizens of tomorrow from Chondha Village.       

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