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05 March 2020

L&T’s Vadodara Heavy Engineering Works (VHEW), recently launched a new CSR initiative - a unique programme to enhance the skill level of students through an NGO named Shroff Foundation Trust (SFT) which has its Training Facility at VIVEC (Vivekanand Institute of Vocational & Entrepreneurial Competence). The programme is designed to benefit women students who are economically & socially underprivileged. What is unique is the fact that the women are being trained in Welding, traditionally a male dominated workspace.

The 1st batch of 9 young women will start their training with a special training module drafted under the supervision of the Head of Welding & Production and the Head of HR at our Vadodara facility.

VIVEC will train these women not only in Welding but also help in their overall development through the training programme, called Nachiketa, consisting of 32 modules including computer learning, spoken English, Yoga, Art of Living and more. After the successful completion of their training, the women will be awarded a certificate from L&T and SFT.  

Here's wishing the selected women good luck on their path to empowerment through new skills!

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