“There cannot be an India for the rich, and another India for the rest. Unity between extremes is inherently fragile, and even if it were to hold, would be unacceptable to any organization with a social conscience.”

~ A. M. Naik, Group Chairman

Sustainability In Action

  • Environment


    A holistic approach towards environment management and making responsible, informed choices are vital to the growth of the organisation. We recognize that achieving growth in...

  • People


    We empower people to build a newer and brighter future, by providing exciting opportunities and a sense of ownership. We combine potential with professional skills to create a...

  • Community


    We work with the community to enhance the quality of life and livelihoods through regular interaction with village panchayats, school authorities and District Health Officials at...


Sustainability Updates

  • Innovation in restoration

    18 June 2021
    Innovation in restoration

    Deforestation and forest degradation are the major contributors to global warming and climate change today. To help restore some of these fragile...

  • Celebrating International Women’s Day, in India’s heartland

    15 March 2021
    Celebrating International Women’s Day, in India’s heartland

    International Women’s Day celebrations at our Integrated Community Development project locations in Pathardi (Ahmednagar), Devgaon (Aurangabad) and...

  • Unique ‘CT in a box’

    27 October 2020
    Unique ‘CT in a box’

    L&T Partners to Install Walk-in CT Scan Facility at Mumbai COVID-19 Hospital Recently L&T’s CSR function joined hands with Wipro GE Healthcare, PNB...

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Green Portfolio

L&T has retained its leadership edge by leveraging its entrenched competitive capabilities while simultaneously remaining alert to emerging possibilities. We continued our engagement with India’s...

Green Portfolio
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