Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Social infrastructure is indispensable for progress; L&T, as India’s leading builder of major infrastructure projects, is equally committed to developing projects that will contribute to the quality of life. This includes schools, hospitals, skill training institutes, water supply & distribution and sanitation facilities.

Building India’s Social Infrastructure – Our Goals & Activities

Focusing on many social challenges in the communities, we propose to work towards the following outcomes from our Social Infrastructure programmes, based on need assessment and feasibility.

Water & sanitation - Ensuring availability of safe drinking water and water for agriculture, constructing and ensuring use of toilets, and electrification of villages (off-grid renewables)

Education - Improved access to education (increased enrollment in pre-school, children attending neighbourhood schools) and improving quality of learning through better school infrastructure and better teaching-learning processes.

Health - Improved access to quality health care, through expanding infrastructure of health centres, increased number of people accessing quality health care.

Skill building - through our Construction Skills Training Institute (CSTI).  Enhancing employ-ability of youth through increased training capacity, improved infrastructure of skill development centres, as well as vocational training courses for women and physically challenged persons.

We also work to build a collaborative eco-system comprising L&T, the community, our employees, their families, NGOs, government agencies, chambers of commerce and academic institutes to fulfil a larger social commitment.

Integrated Community Development

L&T has an integrated approach to its water security and sanitation projects. Our CSR programmes help fulfill water needs first for drinking, followed by sanitation and then for agriculture. In parallel, the programme includes initiatives to develop underprivileged communities that have suffered decades of water-stress. L&T, in consultation with experts, identified water-stressed village clusters in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat and now works in three states. The project currently covers 11,006 households, and an area of 9,337 hectares in these states.

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