Integrated Report

Technology is a major growth enabler in the world in which we operate, and we, at L&T are at the forefront of it. Our strategy is to use our technology platforms and innovation techniques to make lives better and sustainable for all. From enhancing operating efficiencies, building connected teams and businesses, supporting communities and local authorities to strengthening analytics and governance — technology is deeply embedded in everything that we do. Even in a year eclipsed by uncertainty, we accomplished a creditable performance and registered growth in key performance parameters; and our technology prowess continues to serve as a reliable springboard to sustain our leadership across high-potential markets.

Despite major headwinds in the operating environment, we continue to be strong with enduring relationships with customers and partners, robust scale and footprint, a diversified business mix, and a resilient business model. We are identifying material issues that are core to our business sustainability through continuous engagement with stakeholders and leveraging technology to build industry-next systems and processes.

Sustainable growth for us is also about fostering a rich culture of caring, trust and continuous learning to succeed together with all stakeholders in the new world order. In our Integrated Report, we report on our wide-ranging initiatives to enable our stakeholders make an informed assessment of our ability to create value for all.

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