Integrated Report

Technology, by any measure, is a pivotal enabler and a major disruptor in the world in which we live. 

It energises processes and systems, enhances day-to-day efficiency, reduces risks and creates value that acts as a force multiplier for economies and businesses. 

Breaking up today’s jigsaw, it re-configures the parts to form a new reality for the future. 

We embrace technology at every step to engineer excellence that endures and empowers people.

We also continue to be at the vanguard of providing our stakeholders a transparent, true-to-life picture of our Company’s performance across key business parameters.

A decade ago, we were the first company in the Engineering & Construction space in India to report on our sustainability performance.Now, as one of the early adopters of Integrated Reporting <IR>, we are happy to present a comprehensive picture of our ability to create and augment value in the short, medium and long term. 

This Report highlights L&T’s objectives and achievements across all capitals.

It demonstrates how, led by technology, we are equipped for sustainable growth.

Download Integrated Report 2018-19

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