At L&T we do not see industry and the environment in adversarial positions. There are inherent challenges that need to be addressed, but we believe that a holistic approach and responsible informed choices can lead to solutions that are sustainable.

L&T is integrating environmental protection across all its operational activities. Through optimal utilisation of energy sources, GHG emission reduction, waste management through the Circular Economy approach, adopting greener processes, adherence to best practices and compliance with emerging international standards, we are ensuring that along with our robust business performance our planet too remains in good health. This approach is being strengthened with our new Green Campus initiative.

We conduct periodic EHS training for our workforce to foster environmental awareness and responsibility and thereby embed environmental stewardship within our business culture. We reinforce the behavior by setting and regularly reviewing our environmental objectives and targets.

The management of each business with its comprehensive policies on quality, environment, health and safety, is accountable for its environmental impact. At L&T project sites and offices, the respective managers are responsible for ensuring optimal consumption of material and energy. We also work closely with our clients, suppliers, and various external stakeholders to improve environmental performance.

L&T is steadfast towards National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) and its eight missions instituted by Government of India. Also, we are currently focussed on best practices and reporting and disclosures through international frameworks such SASB, TCFD etc.

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